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Get Contact and Work Details on your Prospects Page
Name Company Email Phone
Amy Arnold Microsoft
+1 (212) 284 3664
Doug Wilson Microsoft
+1 (121) 800 9764
Jerilyn Samuel Microsoft
+1 (323) 800 1234
Rachelle Cheung Microsoft
+1 (323) 800 1234
Jared Armas Microsoft
+1 (323) 800 8786
Lauren Dunlop Microsoft
+1 (323) 999 1234

How to find emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn

1. Install the plugin
2. Go to LinkedIn search
3. Add records from LinkedIn

Works out of the box with LinkedIn and Sales Navigator!

Easily move prospects from the extension to your prospect list by clicking Add!
Create new lists, bulk add prospects, and manage your account with our plugin!

Automate prospecting with our pro-plugin!

Aeroleads is the industry leader when it comes to automating prospecting!
Add over 2500 prospects with a single click!
Just click once and forget about it! The plugin will automatically find emails from all 100 linkedin or sales navigator itself!

Find prospects on any website!

Just navigate to the company's website.
Click on the All Websites tab at the bottom of the extension and add prospects!
Use our Search feature to explore more prospects of a company!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LinkedIn Email Finder, and how can it help me?

LinkedIn Email Finder is a tool designed to discover hidden email addresses on LinkedIn profiles, enabling you to directly connect with professionals and expand your network.
An email search or finder tool simplifies your lead generation process, saves time, and helps you target decision-makers and influencers in your industry more effectively.
Reputable LinkedIn Email Finder tools are designed to be GDPR compliant and adhere to privacy regulations, ensuring the responsible and secure handling of data.